Why I Love In-Home Newborn Sessions

An in-home newborn session is one of my absolute favorites. Here’s a little preview of my most recent newborn session.

Why Are In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions So Great?

My favorite aspect of in-home newborn sessions is capturing this incredibly special time in a family’s life. Babies grow so fast, and the exhaustion of having a newborn can make it hard to remember the precious details. By photographing these moments, we freeze them in time, preserving those memories forever.

No Need to Stress About Cleaning

I always tell my families not to worry about cleaning; we can move things around as needed. The last thing I want to do is add stress during this period. My goal is to capture real life—feed the baby, get comfy, and we’ll document these genuine, fleeting moments.

Focusing on the Details

Capturing the tiny details of a baby—their eyelashes, hands, and my favorite, their little feet—is such a joy. I don’t pose the baby, but I will wrap them if they’re comfortable with it. These sessions are baby-led, meaning we follow their cues. If they need to eat, we take a break. If they need changing, we pause. Whatever the baby needs, we accommodate.

Flexibility with Scheduling

Another reason I prefer natural and organic newborn sessions is the flexibility in scheduling. Posed sessions are best within the first week of birth for optimal results. However, lifestyle sessions can be scheduled anytime from 2 weeks to 3 months after birth. Each session will look a bit different, but this flexibility makes it more convenient for families. Every family and birth is unique, and it’s not always feasible to schedule a shoot within the first week.

Shooting a Session in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Not having to pack up and travel is also a plus. During the first month of my girls' birth, going out was not something I really wanted to do. It’s nice to have someone come to you instead. I try to focus on 2-3 rooms if possible, but one room can work as well. Before we schedule a shoot, I will ask you questions about your home and maybe have you track the sun in your preferred spots to get an idea of lighting. If the weather permits, going outside for some shots is also an option. Honestly, it is so flexible. These sessions are a little longer than a typical family session.

Including Siblings and Grandparents

This is not just a newborn session; it’s essentially a family shoot as well. I will make sure to include all siblings, any pets, and if there are grandparents who would like to be a part of this session, I am always down to capture these moments! It is such a fun and easy experience!

Meet The Taylors

I’ve known Nick and Hayley for some time now, having done several shoots with them. I met them before they were married, and now I’ve had the great honor of photographing their firstborn’s newborn pictures. This little guy was the sweetest—once we got him wrapped, he was so calm. It didn’t start that way, but we found our rhythm and captured some beautiful shots. At 2 weeks old, mom and dad are doing a fantastic job!

Sharing the Joy

I am so excited to share these photos with them! This little guy is one lucky baby, with the best parents and a loving dog brother. He’s going to be so loved, and I can’t wait to watch him grow.