The bustling season for family portraits is here, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I recently had the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Ashe family—new parents Dana and Mike, along with their adorable son, Colin, to the Reading Museum for a delightful family photo session.

Racing Against the Rain with the Ashe Family

With a forecast threatening rain, we aimed for a swift session to keep little Colin comfortable and dry. It was Colin's first-ever photoshoot, and although he was a bit uneasy about the camera, he handled it like a champ! We’re already looking forward to his next photo opportunity. Given the ongoing concerns with COVID, I made sure to maintain a safe distance throughout our session, which proved challenging as I was tempted to cuddle the little one!

A Tapestry of Autumn Colors and Family Warmth

The Ashe family chose a stunning color palette for their outfits, which beautifully complemented the vibrant fall colors still on display at the museum. This thoughtful choice added an extra layer of harmony and warmth to their photos. Despite the brief nature of our shoot, we managed to capture a series of beautiful family portraits. Not only did we beat the rain, but we also enjoyed catching up and, most importantly, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet baby Colin!

Anticipation for Beautiful Memories

I am excited to finalize the Ashe family’s gallery and share these moments with Dana and Mike. I hope you all find as much joy in these photos as I did in capturing them.