Love is a beautiful journey that leads us to remarkable places, both figuratively and literally. For Kate and Irving, their journey brought them to the vibrant city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where they celebrated their engagement with a hip and fun photo session. Set against the stunning landscapes and historic charm of Harrisburg, their love story unfolded beautifully before my lens.

Having made Harrisburg their home, Kate, a local, and Irving, who has grown to cherish the city, have fully embraced its offerings. From leisurely strolls to the market to uncovering hidden gems and enjoying their favorite pubs and restaurants, Harrisburg holds a special place in their hearts. It's no wonder they chose this city as the backdrop for their engagement photos and, come October, the place where they will exchange their wedding vows.

Exploring Harrisburg’s Historic Beauty

Known for its rich history and breathtaking riverfront views along the Susquehanna River, Harrisburg was the perfect setting for capturing their story. We began at their home with some dark and moody portraits, which are among my favorite shots. These intimate moments provided a glimpse into their life before we ventured into the city.

Adding an urban flair to the session, we moved to the lively atmosphere of The Broad Street Market. Though closed, the market's beautiful historic architecture and the background of live music created a perfect scene for a fun shoot. Amidst the bustling surroundings, Kate and Irving’s love shone brilliantly as they shared laughter and playful moments, truly capturing the essence of their vibrant personalities.

A Shift in the Weather and a Sunset Surprise

The day began with rain, setting a gloomy tone. We hoped to capture a sunset, but it seemed unlikely. Just as we were adjusting to the overcast skies, the clouds began to clear, and to our delight, the sun appeared! The golden hour glow bathed the city in warm light as we reached City Island, a picturesque spot along the Susquehanna River, providing a mesmerizing backdrop for the final shots of the day.

Kate and Irving's engagement session was a fantastic adventure filled with love, laughter, and stunning scenery. From urban charm to natural beauty, Harrisburg offered diverse backdrops that beautifully highlighted their relationship. These photographs will serve as a timeless reminder of their love and the unforgettable memories they created.

A special shoutout to my amazing sister, Leticia, a close friend of the couple, who helped capture some beautiful moments. It was a joy to share these portraits, hoping they bring happiness for many years to come.

I eagerly anticipate their wedding day and am thrilled to witness the next chapter of their love story in Harrisburg!