Fall is undeniably my favorite season, and despite its challenges this year, I'm fully embracing the beauty and opportunities it brings! There's something magical about the autumnal backdrop that makes family photo sessions even more special.

A Fun, Flexible Shoot at the Reading Museum

I had the pleasure of meeting the Higgins family for the first time on the day of our shoot, and they were an absolute joy to work with. Understanding the unpredictability of the weather, I stayed flexible to dodge the rain. Thankfully, we managed to find the perfect window to meet at the Reading Museum, where we quickly dove into capturing beautiful moments.

Evan, the youngest member of the Higgins family, started off shy but soon warmed up, even showing off some dance moves by the end of our session! It was wonderful to see his personality shine through in the portraits.

A Shout Out to the Reading Museum

The Reading Museum provided a serene and picturesque setting, ideal for family portraits. The grounds are stunning, and the peaceful atmosphere adds a soothing touch to the photo session. Despite some pesky bugs, we managed to create a variety of shots, all within an hour of shooting.

Final Thoughts and Anticipation

I'm thrilled with how the final edits turned out, and I'm eager for Lisa and Scott to see the beautiful portraits of their family. The session was a success, and I believe the photos captured the essence of their loving family perfectly.

I hope the Higgins family, as well as all of you, enjoy these portraits as much as I enjoyed taking them. Here’s to more unforgettable family moments this fall!