It's only Wednesday, and it has been a long week, but nothing brings me more joy than sharing the beautiful portraits of Myra, Nick, and their adorable daughter, Alloura. Completing this family gallery and sharing it on this dreary fall day feels like spreading a bit of sunshine.

A Special Connection with Myra

I've known Myra for quite some time, watching her transition from a young woman into a wonderful mother. Witnessing her journey, especially as we both navigated motherhood during the challenging times of COVID, has been particularly special. Meeting baby Alloura for the first time was a delight; her curiosity and calm demeanor made our photo session a breeze.

Capturing the Essence of a Young Family

Myra and Nick were incredible throughout the session. Nick's patience and Myra's vibrant energy made capturing the perfect shots effortless. The portraits are a mix of vibrant and moody tones, reflecting the dynamic personality of this young family against the stunning backdrop of autumn foliage.

A Gallery Full of Memories

Reviewing the final gallery and reliving our shoot is always my favorite part. It brings immense joy to capture these fleeting moments and emotions for families. To Myra and Nick: thank you for trusting me with these precious memories. Cherish every moment with Alloura—both the good and the challenging. She will grow up before you know it, and these portraits will serve as a beautiful reminder of how tiny she once was.

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from our session below. I hope they bring as much joy to you as capturing them brought to me.