It’s always a special privilege to photograph maternity sessions, and this one with Kacey was no exception. Though I shot this session a while ago, the memories are still fresh, especially since Kacey and Matt have recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world.

A Convenient Backyard Shoot

Given that both Kacey and I were heavily pregnant at the time, we opted for the convenience of my backyard for the photo shoot. It was the perfect setting, allowing us to move at our own pace and take breaks as needed—essential when you're navigating a shoot with a baby bump!

The Beauty of Maternity

Maternity shoots capture such a transformative period in a couple’s life. Whether it's the first, second, or third child, each pregnancy brings its own set of changes and emotions. This shoot with Kacey was about capturing that fleeting moment before their lives were to change forever.

Moody Vibes and Loving Portraits

The atmosphere was wonderfully moody, accentuated by the stunning dress Kacey wore. The portraits we captured showcase the immense love and anticipation Kacey and Matt felt for their upcoming addition. The joy and excitement emanating from the couple were palpable, making this session truly heartwarming.

I’m thrilled that we managed to pull off this last-minute session, and I’m even happier to finally share these moments on my blog. I hope these images inspire other couples to capture such significant milestones, no matter the circumstances.

Enjoy this peek into a very special time for Kacey and Matt, filled with love, anticipation, and the beautiful mystery of new life!