On May 1, 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, our family welcomed Maisie Ivy into the world. It was an interesting time to have a baby, especially after a month and a half of quarantine discomfort. Choosing a scheduled c-section turned out to be a blessing, especially after Maisie decided to surprise us by flipping in the last weeks of pregnancy!

A Family Session with Safety in Mind

Once I felt up to it, I enlisted my sister’s help to capture our newborn family session safely at home. Planning and partially shooting the session while recovering from a c-section was challenging, not to mention dealing with my oldest daughter Mia’s reluctance to cooperate and Maisie’s early fussiness. Thankfully, my sister was incredible, managing to soothe Mia while I took care of Maisie, which kept my anxiety in check.

Capturing Real, Imperfect Moments

I set up the camera settings, guided my sister on what to shoot, and she wonderfully captured the portraits that included me. Some shots might not be perfect, but they are incredibly special to me, marking our first family photos since completing our little family circle. While we missed having our dogs Molly and Miley in the pictures, keeping the session manageable was our priority.

Building New Memories

Most of the photos we have are of my husband with Mia, and now I'm starting a new collection of him with our newest addition, Maisie. As a mom, photos of me with my daughters are rare since they only happen if I make a point to ask someone to take them. My husband isn’t keen on taking photos, so it's something I often have to initiate. My sister has been my greatest support, always ready to help capture these fleeting moments.

Cherishing Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I adore these pictures and feel incredibly fortunate to have captured them during such an uncertain time. Lifestyle newborn photography holds a special place in my heart as it allows us to incorporate our home environment and capture the genuine essence of what life was like when Maisie joined our family. It’s these little details and real moments that I cherish the most.

These photos are not just images; they are precious memories of our family’s growth and the joyous arrival of Maisie Ivy. I’m excited to share these intimate moments with you and hope they inspire others to document their journeys, even in the face of challenges.