Oh, what fun! I am excited about this recent photoshoot—it was a delightful departure from the usual and truly a treat to shoot and edit. Every session holds a special place in my heart because I genuinely love what I do, but this one was particularly memorable. You could see the love and bond shared among the group.

Cara reached out some time ago with a fun concept for the shoot, and I was immediately on board. However, I didn't anticipate how pretty and enjoyable the experience would be. I met Brooke and Laura, who are cousins, for the first time during this session. Cara, who recently married into the family, joined in the fun, having tied the knot with another of their cousins. All three celebrated their weddings within a span of three months—an incredibly special time that undoubtedly strengthened their bond.

The choice of Ridley State Park in Media, PA, as our backdrop could not have been more perfect. The park, along with the elegant Huntington Hill mansion, provided a fairy-tale setting fit for three princesses. Despite it being a popular spot for photo sessions, scheduling our shoot on a Monday evening helped us navigate around others and make the most of our limited time. I was grateful Brooke’s mom was there, too—her assistance was invaluable!

This session marked a poignant moment as it was the last time the three Peterson cousins would be together for a while, with Brooke and her husband recently moving to London for a new adventure. Realizing this as we said our goodbyes added a layer of emotion to the shoot, making it a beautiful farewell dressed in their wedding gowns.

The gallery from this shoot is wonderfully varied—we captured some beautiful portraits and playful, fun moments. Despite our time constraints, we managed to create many memorable images. I am so excited to share these portraits with everyone!

This shoot has me thinking—it might be time to dig out my own wedding dress for a similar adventure. Who’s with me?