A few weeks ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in my first styled shoot, and it was nothing short of AMAZING! A heartfelt thanks to Trish from Pure Skin Makeup and Skincare Studio in Sinking Spring, PA, for bringing together such a talented team. The anticipation of the shoot kept me awake the night before, filled with nerves but also excitement about the collaboration.

Introducing the Dream Team

The shoot featured the beautiful model Carla Del Rio, who wore her own wedding dress, adding a personal touch to the session. Carla’s ease in front of the camera made directing her a breeze. Patricia Solis from Pure Skin Makeup and Skincare Studio crafted a dramatic fall makeup look, complete with false lashes and warm smoky tones, perfectly accentuated by a vibrant orange lipstick that complemented Carla’s complexion.

Heather Foltz of Heatherh2u_hair styled Carla’s hair into flowing locks, enhanced with clip-in extensions and finished with a glossy pomade to maintain the curls’ shape and shine. Monika Schleifer from Buttonwood Blooms designed an exquisite organic bouquet and a matching floral crown that featured muted fall colors and rich textures, embodying the essence of the season.

The Day of the Shoot

Despite the weather’s initial reluctance, with cloudy and rainy conditions that morning, the skies cleared beautifully, allowing the sun to peek through just in time. The shoot was set against the picturesque backdrop of Gring’s Mill Recreation Area in Wyomissing, PA. This location offered a diverse range of scenes, from a charming yellow barn to a striking red bridge, making it ideal for our fall-themed shoot.

Capturing Every Moment

What I cherished most about this styled shoot, compared to the rush of real weddings, was the luxury of time. It allowed us to meticulously craft each frame and truly capture the vision we had set out to achieve. The ability to work without the usual time constraints and collaborate closely with such talented professionals was incredibly fulfilling.

Reflections and Anticipations

Watching everything come together and seeing the final images was profoundly rewarding, making all the initial anxiety worthwhile. This experience has not only bolstered my confidence but also deepened my appreciation for the creativity and effort that goes into styled shoots. I am eagerly looking forward to my next one and the new connections it will bring.

Thank you for sharing in this journey through the behind-the-scenes look at our styled shoot. I hope you find as much inspiration in these images as I did in creating them!